How it works

Below is a break of the commissioning process. It can vary from artists to artist I thought I would give a brief description of my process. If there are any further questions in regards to this please contact me on




getting a portrait 

  • Getting a portrait painted is an exciting and nervous experience. i aim to be as transparent as possible for the process. Once a portrait has been finalised in regards to size and people in the composition (please see a break down of prices below) A  convenient date will be set for a sitting. 
  • Portraits can be painted from life, from photographs or a combination of both. We can employ any of these methods but with today’s time constraints most people prefer to just sit for the one or two photo shoots taking 2-3 hours and then send me back to the studio to do the work. Prior to the photo shoot I ask the subject to think about how they would like to be portrayed. This includes the size of the painting, body position (e.g. standing, sitting ), hand positions, clothing etc. I may have more sittings if the work requires it but this is unlikely. 
  • Once the first sitting is complete there will be a down payment of 1/3rd of the portrait price. the final 2/3rds will be delivered on completion of the painting.  

Taking a photo

  • At the photoshoot we ask that there are different clothing, postures, lighting and background and choose the images the sitter and their family think look the best and most truly show the usual “look” of the subject. A short video is also taken to help capture the personality of the sitter. This is done preferably at the location most relevant to the sitter however some times this is not possible and can be done at my studio in east London. This is a dialog and I will help to realise expectations. 

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How long?

  • Depending on the size of the work will have a large impact on the duration of the painting process.
  • For a standard portrait 6 weeks should be an expected to completion from the sitting date. this can be timzed by the number of people in the work.i.e if there are 3 people in the painting the expected completion time will be 4.5 months. 
  • However if time is pressing issue in a painting we can work it under this time. 

Portrait Commission Prices:

Drawings                       60x 40cm                        £750

Children /adults            40x30cm                        £1000/ £2000

children / adult             60x40cm                         £1300 / £2500

Half Body (with hands)   90x60cm                       £3300

Half Body       ”            100x75cm                          £3500

3/4 Body        ”            120x90cm                          £4000

Full Body       ”             180x120cm                         £4500

Family's/groups                                                      -30% (on above Prices)